A restaurant loved for its old-fashioned Nagasaki taste

Established in 1963. The nostalgic chanpon with pork bone soup is the taste of Nagasaki's hometown. The Sumiyoshi branch, located in the student district, is also popular for its hearty ramen. The Douza branch is open until after 2 a.m., making it a great place to end a night of drinking. The Hamamachi branch is the only one that offers a set menu for lunch on weekdays. Fried rice sets with ramen, mini fried rice, and salad, oden sets, and other deals you just can't pass up!

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Safety and security certification mark
Certification facility
Name of Restaurant
Chinese light meal Sanpachi Hamamachi store
9-18 Hamacho, Nagasaki City
About 3 minutes walk from Kanko-dori tram stop
No parking lot
Phone number
Recommended menu
・Ramen: 650 yen ・Chanpon: 820 yen ・Sara udon: 870 yen ・Gyoza: 380 yen ・Fried rice...680 yen ・Fried rice set (Hamamachi branch only): 890 yen
Close day
Monday(If Monday is a public holiday, it will be replaced)
open and Close time
Every year on the 8th of March, we offer a 100 yen bowl of ramen!