Nagasaki Suigyoza, which even gourmet TV entertainers are fascinated by

The popular Japanese comedian Daisuke Miyagawa raved about it on his blog, and the restaurant has received many love calls from the entertainment industry. It is a nationally popular restaurant having had many TV and magazine interviews. What captivates people is this sui-gyoza.(Sui-gyoza is a Chinese dumpling in the special soup.)The juicy meat from the carefully selected ingredients without garlic or chives, but the plump skin produced by the particular manufacturing method are a unique gem. In addition, there are plenty of original champon noodles, such as "Nama-Karasumi champon" (dried mullet), "Mabo-champon" which is addictive and spicy, and the "Gokujo champon" with carefully selected ingredients and strong chalky noodles.

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Name of Restaurant
Taiwan Cuisine Laoli Nagasaki eki mae Store
1-3 Gotomachi, Nagasaki city
5 minute-walk from Nagasakieki-mae tram station
No Parking lot
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Recommended menu
・"Gokujo Champon" *only in Nagasaki Shinchi Chinatown store...Lunch 1,600 yen (Including tax) / Dinner 1,600 yen (Excluding tax) ・"Original Nama-Karasumi Champon"(Dried mullet)...Weekday lunch 1,050 yen (Including tax) / Dinner time 1,050 yen (Excluding tax) ・"Mabo Champon" (Hot and spicy noodles)...weekday lunch 950 yen (Including tax) / Dinner time 950 yen (Excluding tax) ・"Tantanmen"...weekday lunch 800 yen (Including tax) /Dinner time 800 yen (Excluding tax) ・Sui gyoza (5 pieces)...weekday lunch 430 yen (Including tax) / Dinner time 430 yen (Excluding tax) ・ The Shippoku Course...3,500 yen per person (Excluding tax, from 2 people) *Weekday lunch time... including tax, weekday dinner time, the day before a weekend or national holidays ... Excluding tax
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How to pay
Cash/Credit card/ Electronic money