Gourmet tour – Nagasaki gourmet tour MAP –

Nagasaki is full of “delicious food”!
From the delicious fish that can only be eaten in this fisheries prefecture to the local cuisine that should enjoy with sake, you would be regretful if you leave Nagasaki without eating these foods.
Here are some restaurants that you can go one after another to enjoy all of Nagasaki’s “delicious food”.

〈Nagasaki Station – Hamaguchi Area〉Pick up!


Around Nagasaki station~ Hamaguchi area

The area from Nagasaki Station to Hamaguchi (Urakami Station area) is the base for transportation in Nagasaki City.
This area, which is also easy to get from “Dejima Messe Nagasaki”, has convenient transportation and an abundance of gourmet spots.

①”Kaisen Ichiba”, located in front of Nagasaki Station, is a restaurant that specializes in Sashimi Don filled with so much seafood that you can hardly see the rice.
For those who want to taste local seafood in sushi form, we recommend ②”Sushi Kappou Sakurai”
③”Hamaguchi Kamon” offers seafoods from Nagasaki’s sea and products from Nagasaki’s mountains in a relaxed and modern Japanese atmosphere. They prepare private rooms for you.
At ④”Original dining of fish and vegetable Uotatsu”, an izakaya that serves authentic sushi, you can enjoy whale dishes and other fresh local fish dishes from Nagasaki.
⑤”Nagasaki Treats Bar Bon Voyage” is a bar-style restaurant where you can enjoy whale dishes and other dishes arranged in the style of Shippoku cuisine.
If you want to enjoy local cuisine, why don’t you go to ⑥”Robata Izakaya Rodan”. You can enjoy the Assorted sashimi plate or fish paste, and other dishes along with alcohol.
If you want to enjoy the exotic atmosphere that only Nagasaki can offer, we recommend to ⑦” Taiwanese cuisine Lao Li” , where you can pick up Chinese dumplings in the soup or enjoy Nagasaki’s soul foods such as Nagasaki’s original dish Champon.


〈Hamanomachi Arcade – Shianbashi Area〉Pick up!

Around Hamanomachi Arcade ~ Shianbashi Area

This area, not far from tourist spots such as Megane Bridge and Dejima, is a busy shopping district where delicious foods gathers. There are a wide variety of restaurants around there.

If you want to enjoy Champon with the traditional soup made by stewing pork bone that the local people love, we recommend to go to ①”Chinese Light Food Sanpachi Hamanomachi Store”.
At ②”Seasonal Cuisine and Oden Hakushika Hamanomachi main store”, which is popular for its dishes that make the most of Nagasaki’s ingredients, you can enjoy Nagasaki’s local dish such as “Nagasaki Hatoshi” and whale dishes.
③”Shukusai Nagaya”, where you will be warmly welcomed by the friendly staff, is a place that you can taste Nagasaki’s seasonal ingredients such as “Dejima Barairo”.
In the evening, you can enjoy vintage whiskey and Toruko rice made with the finest ingredients at ④”Restaurant Bar Copen Since 1957″, which also serves as a dining bar.
⑤”Bar BLUE NOTE” has been loved by Nagasaki’s people for over 30 years, and is a place where you can relax in a comfortable atmosphere with jazz music.
At ⑥”Dining Bar Tsubaki”, you can enjoy a wide selection of wines and Japanese sake, along with a menu that focuses on local ingredients.
At ⑦”EDEN”, you can spend the time with friendly staff and have a good time in a luxury room.