Along with Hong Kong and Monaco, Nagasaki’s nightscape has been recognized as one of the New Three Great Nightscapes in the world. The Nagasaki Port , also known as the Port of Cranes, and its mortar-shaped terrain surrounded by mountains make for a dynamic night view.

Among the many night view spots, we recommend the panorama from Mt. Inasa. The ropeway rides up to the observatory is a thrilling experience.
When you arrive at the observatory, you are greeted with a 360-degree view of the city that is like a jewel box. The view is so breathtaking that people who live in Nagasaki come back again and again to be amazed and impressed by it.

After enjoying the view from Mt. Inasa, the most popular way is to taste Nagasaki’s delicious cuisine while enjoying the illuminated view of Mt. Inasa and sightseeing boats from Nagasaki Port.
As a memory of your trip to Nagasaki, please experience the excitement that can only be felt in Nagasaki from a special seat of light.


Restaurants where you can have meals while enjoying the night view

Prime room in which can thoroughly enjoy Nagasaki speciality and night view

Inasayama hot spring Hotel Amandi

This is a restaurant in ehich you can enjoy one overwhlming view of the 3 most beautiful night view in the would from halfway up the Mt. Inasa. It is rare case that fog covers over this point, so you difinately catch a chance to enjoy a night view. Our special is “Ryoma Gozen”, which is a Shippoku and popular for buisness reception. We also preapre a lot of local dishes. For example, we prepare seasonal dishes using marine foods such as a lobster, seafood dishes using fishes caught in Nagasaki sea, “Hatoshi”, “Toruko Rice” and “milk shake”. Alghough this is a hotel, you can use only restaurant and enjoy dishes with your boyfrind/girlfriend or familiy. You can enjoy the hot spring withoout stay.

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A hotel with a spectacular view of Mt. Inasa and Shippoku cuisine

Inasayama Kanko Hotel

This restaurant is located half way up Inasa Mountain, which boasts one of the world’s three best night views. It is true luxury to enjoy a meal in a private room with a view from the mountain. Savor the fresh seafood from the sea of Nagasaki and the wonderful cooking techniques that make it so special.

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The hotel in which overlook the night view of the World new three night views

Yataro・Yataro South building

This hotel is near the Kazegashira Park which has a statue of Ryoma Sakamoto. You can enjoy fish which our chef choses at fish market every morning, traditional dishes which have long history, and original Shippoku cuisine (Special Chinese cuisine in Nagsaki, to which Japanese cooking methods were introduced) using seasonal foods. Please enjoy Nagasaki’s special cuisine overklooking Nagasaki city here.

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Restaurant with spectacular panoramic Harbour and city views

Inasayama observation platform Hikari No Restarurant

The restaurant is located at the observatory where you can enjoy the panoramic view of one of the world’s top three night views, this is truly s a $10 million dollar twinkling night view. Our recommendation among the three kinds of Toruko Rice is “Nagasaki beef steak Toruko Rice”. The tenderness and flavor of the Nagasaki beef is truly mouth watering!

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Fresh and flavorful dishes that incorporate seasonal ingredients.

Teppanyaki Dining Chikusai

The mouth-watering taste and flavor of meat that awakens the five senses is the real appeal of Teppanyaki (Steak grilled on the hot plate) .With a view of the world’s three most beautiful nightscapes, you can savor the original flavor of the finest ingredients and the skills of our expert chefs.

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Enjoy the view of Nagasaki Port from this spacious restaurant

Dejima Terrace

You can enjoy lunchor dinner with a beautiful view of the ocean and night views.Weekday lunches include soup, salad and a drink for a very good price. Pets are welcome on the terrace.

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Ryoma Cappuccino and a view of Nagasaki Port

Delicious Restaurant Attic

Casual specialty coffee shop. In addition to using the café, the café restaurant also serves Nagasaki’s famous Turkish rice and Neapolitan pizza.

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