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During the Edo period (1603-1868), Dejima, the only window to foreign countries, brought in a variety of different cultures. As a result, Nagasaki still retains a strong sense of its own food culture.

Champon, Sara-Udon, Toruko Rice, Castilla sponge cake, etc… From standard gourmet foods to souvenirs, here are some of Nagasaki’s best gourmet foods.


Castilla sponge cake

“Castilla sponge cake ” was introduced to Nagasaki from Portugal along with Christianity and guns.
For over 400 years, it has been one of Nagasaki’s most popular sweets offering a special moment in time.
It is used in many situations, such as eating it with your family as a souvenir, or giving it as a gift to someone who has been good to you.
The ingredients are very simple: eggs, wheat, and sugar, but the subtle sweetness and unique texture will make you feel happy.
Even though the taste is simple, each store has its own unique flavor and texture, we recommend to try each store’s Castilla sponge cake.
In recent years, there are not only plain Castilla sponge cakes, but also Castilla sponge cakes with various flavors such as chocolate, cheese, and green tea.
It may be fun to try these flavors after you have eaten the traditional ones.

Restaurants where you can have Castilla sponge cake

Kastera Honke Fukusaya Ijindou Meganebashi Store Bunmeidou Main Store Izumiya Main store Shououken



During the period of national isolation, Nagasaki was the only port in Japan that was open to the outside world, and various cultures flowed into the city, resulted in fostering its own unique food culture. Among them, Nagasaki’s soul food, Champon, is now one of the city’s most popular gourmet foods.
It is a nutritious, well-balanced and blissful bowl of soup made from chicken bones and pork knuckles, noodles blended with Nagasaki’s unique Chinese lye, and topped with a variety of fresh vegetables, Nagasaki seafood, meat and other ingredients.
The history of this dish dates back to over 100 years ago, when an overseas Chinese restaurant owner living in Nagasaki invented it as a way to provide Chinese students with a cheap, hearty and nutritious meal.
Since then, it has spread among Japanese people, and can now be found in many restaurants, including those in Shinchi Chinatown. The flavoring and toppings vary from store to store, and the individuality of each store shines through.
Eating Champon in search of your “favorite bowl” is one of the pleasures of sightseeing in Nagasaki.

Restaurants where you can have Champon

Chinese cuisine Kyokaen Chinise Cuisine Restaurant Kaitakuen Chinese cuisine Kouzanrou China town main store Taiwan Cuisine Laoli China town Champon Store Chinese Restaurant Red Lantern




“Sara-udon” is one of the most popular local dishes in Nagasaki, which is as famous as Champon.
“Sara-udon” was first made by the founder of a Chinese restaurant as a “Yakisoba” (Fried noodles) version of Champon.
In Nagasaki, the dish is made by frying the thick noodles of Champon with ingredients and adding a small amount of soup to it.
As with Champon, each dish of Sara-udon is made with the strong attention, including noodles blended with chili lye, soup made by stewing pork bones or chicken broth, and a wide variety of ingredients.
What makes it different from Champon is that there are two types of noodles, one with crispy fried thin noodles and the other with Champon noodles, both of which are covered with soup filling by many kinds of ingredients.
It has a different taste from Champon. You can eat each type of noodle according to your mood, or compare them at different restaurants.
Find your own way to enjoy the Nagasaki specialty, Sara Udon.

Restaurants where you can have Sara-udon

Champon・Sara Udon Soshurin Chinese light meal Sanpachi Douza store Chinese cuisine Kouzanrou China town main store Hotel JAL city Nagasaki Chinese cuisine Touen Champon Saraudon specialty store Edobishi


Toruko Rice


A sumptuous Nagasaki specialty that a variety of dishes including pork cutlets, pilaf, and spaghetti with tomato sauce are on the one plate.
The first thing that jumps out at you is the sheer volume of all the different dishes on one plate!
When you actually try it, you will feel so satisfied with the generous amount of Toruko rice that you will barely be able to finish eating it by yourself.
There is no rule that says you absolutely have to include these ingredients (pork cutlets, pilaf, and spaghetti with tomato sauce), and the contents and seasonings vary completely from store to store.
Therefore, one of the appeals of Toruko rice is that you can find the one that suits your mood of that day.
There are also some places that offer several kinds of Toruko rice in one restaurant, so you can visit with your friends or family and enjoy compare each kind of Toruko rice.

Restaurants where you can have Toruko Rice

Inasayama observation platform Hikari No Restarurant Restaurant Bar “Copen” since 1957 Dejima Terrace Restaurant Bar “Copen” since 1957 Naigai club Restaurant