In the Edo period, Nagasaki was one of the first cities to take in the foreign culture that came in from Dejima and developed its own unique style.
Nagasaki has a wide variety of high-end ryotei (traditional Japanese restaurants) and fine restaurants that offer a wide range of the best ingredients which are recognized throughout Japan, such as Nagasaki wagyu beef and fugu (blowfish).

At ryotei restaurants, you can enjoy Nagasaki’s local cuisine “Shippoku”, in a traditional Japanese setting with chopsticks, tatami, and Zabuton (Japanese cushions), and feel the historical atmosphere.
The fine dining restaurants are recommended for those who want to enjoy French or Chinese cuisine, or Nagasaki’s fresh fish and wagyu beef.

In addition to the top-notch chef’s carefully prepared dishes, you can enjoy the luxury of dinner with a view of the world’s three most beautiful nightscapes.
Please enjoy the luxury and relaxing moment that you can’t usually experience.


Enjoy Shippoku cuisine in the relaxing Japanese atomosphere

Japanese-style Restaurant Sakamotoya

You can enjoy Shippoku cuisine (Special Chinese cuisine in Nagasaki, to which Japanese cooking methods were introduced) in the private room. Althogh here has long history and high class japanese restaurant, you can have lunch at reasonable price. “Ajisai(Hydrangea) Shippoku” course starts with “Ohire”(Soup with Sea Bream and Mochi) . All the dishes of this course is 13 dishes including Sashimi,”Yubiki”(Parboiled fish/meat) and “Tobani”(Our original stewed diced pork) and costs total 3,740 yen. You can enjoy beautiful typical Japanese house such as Japanese style garden and murmur of a tream along corridor. “Omakase-zen”(chef’s recommeded specials) is also popular serviced only weekday lunch.

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High class Japanese restaurant where you can enjoy cherry blossom in “Karurusu” which enjoys a long history all way back from Meiji era.

Restaurant Hashimoto

You can have Japanese cuisine while enjoying the view over our beautiful our garden. This place has been famous for its beautiful cherry blossoms for a very long time. You can enjoy the Japanese Maple leaves in their full autumn beauty and lit-up cherry blossoms at night during Spring. Our traditional Hashimoto’s special tastes will definately satisfy.

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Established in 1642, this high class Japanese restaurant has been officially selected as a historic site

Historic site Japanese restaurant Kagetsu

Shippoku cuisine is Japanese style, European style and Chinese style harmonized with each other, and is alocal food style loved by historical artists, Samurai and Chinese people. This Restraurant “Kagetsu”, which dates back to 1642, was famous because many leaders of the Meiji Restroration dined here. You can enjoy viewing our Japanese garden, which covers about 3163 square yards, and Japanese sword scratch made by Ryoma Sakamoto.

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High class Japanese restaurant which dates back more than 200 years.

Restaurant Ichiriki

Established in 1813, it is said that this retaurantwa frequented by so many Samurai who supported the Meiji Restoration and many historic famous people also came here. Please enjoy our traditional Shippoku cuisine (Special Chinese cuisine in Nagsaki, to which Japanese cooking methods were introduced) inherited from Edo era.

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Only in this Nagasaki restaurant can you enjoy blowfish all year round!

Blowfish・Japanese restaurant Shintomi

This restaurant hasmany fans both in and out of Nagasaki and its long history spans 95 years. It is a Shintomi style to have fleshy blowfish with spice and original sauce made from soy sauce and citrus juice. We prepare a special course with 8 dishes and a full course using blowfish.

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please feel familiar to Nagasaki beef !

Nagasaki Beef Yakiniku (BBQ) “Pure”

The characterictics of Nagasaki beef are red meal’s taste which beef have essentially, blanaced flavor as marbled beef, and tender texture. This Nagasaki beef was evaluated highly in the “Zenkoku Wagyu Nouryokukyoushinkai” ,what is called Olympics of Japanese beef . In the 10th Competition, it won First prize. And it won Special award about beauty of appearance in the 11th competition. You canfreely enjoy this nigh class Nagasaki beef in this restaurant. We prepare local Vegetables and rice, so you can enjoy them peacefully.

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You definitely should have our special Champon

Chinese cuisine Kouzanrou China town main store

Kouzanrou is a famous restaurant located in Nagasaki’s Chinatown. Here you can enjoy sophisticated traditional flavors, such as the popular Champon and “Sara Udon”, in a relaxed atmosphere. As this restaurant is very popular, please make a reservation for a private room (course meal) as soon as possible (service charge not included).
Champon, Sara Udon and Toupourou (“Kakuni”, Stewed pork and “Manju”, Japanese buns), which can be delivered nationwide, are also very popular.

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Bringing toghether seasonal fish with plenty of fat and sushi chefs’ skills.

Sushi Dining “Tenku”

We want our customers to be able to taste Nagasaki’s abundant seafood in its freshest state. Sushi Dining Tenku was born from the desire of these chefs. At the spacious counter, you can enjoy the freshest sushi while gazing at the scenery of Nagasaki.

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