“Nagasaki Wagyu” won the Prime Minister’s Award at “the 10th Zenkoku Wagyu Noryku Kyoshin-kai” (National Wagyu Competence Olympics) held every five years in 2012, and was awarded the title of the best beef in Japan. Among them, “Dejima Barairo” is the beef produced by only eight farmers in Nagasaki city who are special members of the JA Nagasaki Seihi Nagasaki District.

The percentage of “Dejima Barairo” production is rare, accounting for less than 9% of the total number of Wagyu in Nagasaki, but taking advantage of the small number of farmers, all of them are practicing the way of feeding management known as the special theory of meat production. There is no variation in quality, and about 75% of the cattle are graded 4 to 5, providing a high standard of consistent taste.

As the name implies, the most appealing feature of this beef is its natural bright red color (We call rose “Bara” in Japanese), its thick belly, and most importantly, the delicious taste of the meat. The meat is not only marbled, but also has a balance between “red meat” and “marbling”, and the original flavor of the meat can be tasted in a refreshing texture.

List of restaurants serving “Dejima Bararo”

Please enjoy high quality Japanese beef which the owner, himself a formewr butcher, selects carefully for you .

YAKINIKU-Rin Shiroyama Store

You can enjoy “Dejima Barairo” in various ways such as sashimi and grilled shabu shabu.
The handmade dumplings are made with beef fat from “Dejima Barairo” instead of pork fat. The rich flavor of this popular dish is addictive.

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Dishes that focus on seasonal ingredients produced in Nagasaki

Shukusai Nagaya

This is a beef hot pot that maximizes the taste of “Dejima Barairo”. You can feel the sweetness of “Dejima Barairo” even if you eat it simply with ponzu (sauce made from sauce and citrus juice) or “Yakame salt” from Kamigoto island.This is a restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere so you can relax and take your time. Another reason for its popularity is that the friendly staff always greet you warmly.

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Teppanyaki using carefully selected ingredients at reasonable prices.

oniku’s cafe meat sukky

This is a restaurant where you can enjoy “Dejima Barairo” steaks for lunch, run by the meat store “Meat Marushin”. The restaurant is fully equipped with table seating as well as counter seats, and is very popular with women! Because the restaurant is directly managed by a butcher, the steak is served hot on the griddle together with rice and soup, all for a surprisingly reasonable price!

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Enjoy the finest flavors with a wide selection of drinks!


“Shukusai Dining Plancha”, a restaurant serving delicious teppanyaki dishes, has reopened as Nagasaki Teppan Akame in July 2009! “Dejima Barairo”‘s superb top round and Rump steaks are grilled boldly on a large hot plate. You can see and hear the unique taste of teppan-yaki, which is different from that of a BBQ restaurant.

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Not only okonomiyaki, but also a variety of elaborate teppan dishes.

Yakiyaki-teppan Hamanoya

This popular restaurant has also the look of an izakaya. In addition to teppan dishes and okonomiyaki, the Nagasaki beef fillet steak which is made with lavishly prepared “Dejima Barairo” is an excellent dish.

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A relaxed Japanese-style izakaya with semi-private rooms

Shushuan Nagasaki station Store

Shushuan Nagasaki Station store has one of the largest seating capacities among the izakayas in front of Nagasaki Station. It is a relaxed Japanese-style izakaya that can be divided into semi-private rooms and can accommodate up to 70 people! The courses that allow you to fully enjoy the flavors of Nagasaki, such as the “Dejima Barairo”, whale, dried mullet, and Oden, are very popular among tourists!

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